M Class Dust Extraction Unit / Vacuum Cleaner (040011)

Removes 99.9% of dust with limit value for occupational exposure 0.1 mg/m³.

Heavy Duty Dust Extraction Unit (040015)

The Tromb 400L is dust control's most powerful, robust & versatile single phase extractor to date.

Air Cube 500 Air Cleaner (040029)

Highly effective in enclosed locations where reducing airborne dust contamination is vital.

Single Motor Vacuum Cleaner (040030)

Powerful, small, quiet and long lasting, it is meant for day in and day out cleaning.

Triple Motor Vacuum Cleaner (040040)

As much power & performance as you can fit into a single vacuum cleaner whilst still maintaining practical size & propor...

110V Dry & Wet Vacuum Cleaner (040050)

The unique multi-purpose handle and emptying system makes this unit very user friendly making the task of liquid disposa...

Petrol Billy Goat Vacuum (140226)

Ideal for multi surface residential and light commercial use.

Petrol Leaf Blower / Vacuum (140230)

Combines high blowing power with user-friendliness making it the perfect petrol blower & garden vacuum.

Fume Extractor (170040)

For the removal of hazardous fumes and airborne dust.

Air Scrubber (170170)

The HEPA 500 uses an efficient mix of airflow and filtration to create cleaner air.

Steam Vacuum Cleaner (RSTEAMGEN)

Ideal for a range of cleaning applications in restaurants, bars, schools, hospitals, factories & the home.

Industrial Vacuum Cleaners (RVACUUMGEN)

A range of KÄRCHER Vacuum Cleaners that are ideal for contract cleaners, automotive firms, crafts and trades.