2m Wire Rope Sling (365302)

Fitted with a soft eye at each end.

Bow Shackle (365702)

Used to link different equipment together in rigging systems.

D Shackle 3 (365736)

Also known as chain shackles & are designed to take high loads, primarily in line.

D Shackle 5 (365738)

A D shackle is narrower than a bow shackle and generally has a threaded pin or pin close.

Manhole Ring Clamp - 1500kg (365776)

Designed for the transportation or laying of manhole rings and comes with safety in mind.

Plate Clamp - SWL 2000kg (365790)

Enables easy grip onto plates and sheet metal.

Universal Super Clamp - SWL 3000kg (365816)

Perfect for both vertical and side load applications.

Scaffolding Secure Pulley - SWL 50kg (370142)

Allows scaffold users to carry out operations with minimal risk.

Electric Chain Hoists (WEB37)

A range of 110V chain hoists, 6m to 25m and 500kg to 3000kg SWL.

Single Fall Chain Hoists (WEB38)

A range of manual chain hoists, 3m to 30m and 500kg to 2000kg SWL.

Multi Fall Chain Hoists (WEB39)

A range of manual chain hoists, 3m to 15m and 3200kg to 5000kg SWL.

Ratchet Hoists (WEB40)

A range of ratchet lever hoists, 1.5m to 3.5m and 800kg to 6300kg SWL.

Tirfor Winches (WEB41)

For lifting, pulling and positioning loads over great distances, lifting capacities 800kg to 3200kg.

Tirfor Winch Cables (WEB42)

Quality purpose built steel ropes for use with tirfor winches.

Snatch Blocks (WEB43)

Snatch Blocks are designed to increase the load when winching with a tirfor winch.

Wire Rope Hoist and Ropes (WEB45)

Ideal for all site work where the need for quick lifting in small confined spaces is required.

Adjustable Girder Clamps (WEB46)

Will convert any suitably tested I-profile beam into a convenient fixed suspension point.

Adjustable Beam Trolleys (WEB47)

Designed to be fitted onto demountable gantries or other tested I-Section beams to give a mobile suspension point.