Wide Pallet Truck (360070)

Ideally suited for in use in shops, factories and warehouses.

Standard Pallet Truck (360075)

Simple and easy to use with a robust and reliable build.

Long Reach Pallet Truck (360085)

Equipped with an entry & exit roller & ergonomic handle.

High Lift Pallet Truck (360090)

Designed for lifting pallets to a comfortable working height.

Powered Pallet Truck (360095)

With the full manoeuvrability of a manual pallet truck but with much less effort needed from the operator.

All Terrain Pallet Truck (360100)

Designed for the transportation of bricks & building materials over rough terrain found on building sites.

Weigh Scale Pallet Truck (360105)

Also known as Weighing Scale Pump Trucks, ideal for mobile weighing of pallets.