Scaffold Hoist Bucket Carriers (010175)

For use with scaffold hoists to lift plastic / rubber buckets.

110V Compact Scaffold Hoist (370005)

Easily used on scaffolds or jib arms with a lifting capacity of 230kg up to 24m.

110V Scaffold Hoist (370040)

Ideal for lifting materials up to 150kg and does not require a frame extension.

Scaffold Hoist Wheelbarrow Lifting Chain (370045)

A simple to attach & detach special 3 leg chain sling for lifting wheelbarrows.

Scaffold Hoist Wheelbarrow (370060)

Designed with folding handles & lifting eye to enable it to be hoisted up onto scaffolding platforms.

Scaffold Hoist Brick Basket (370065)

Designed ideally for hoisting bricks and blocks with ease.

Scaffold Hoist Buckets (WEB44)

Versatile heavy duty buckets that are used for general lifting, such as rubbish, mortar & bricks.