Block Cart (360400)

For the transportation of all types of blocks on building sites.

Paving & Kerb Stone Lifter (360420)

Especially suitable for handling both straight and curved stones.

Kerb Grab (360423)

Designed for universal use, with a wide width opening range.

Universal Handle (360430)

A secure scissor action grip for the safe moving & positioning of most masonry and concrete blocks.

12V Vacuum Slab Lifter (360440)

Powerful laying device for dense products such as granite & high quality concrete elements.

Kassel Kerb Lifter (360500)

For the safe and reliable transportation and placement of precast concrete elements & kerbstones.

500kg Universal Kerb Grab (360510)

The contractor's choice when it comes to the handling of kerb stones and blocks.

Telescopic Crane Forks (360550)

For lifting of brick packs and pallets.

Block Grab (360555)

Specifically designed and developed for the UK market to lift palletized brickloads.

Glass Suction Lifters (360750)

Ideal for carrying large awkward items such as glass, doors, windows and sheet metal.

Hydraulic Manhole Cover Lifter (375710)

Designed to meet general requirements of lifting and moving manhole covers.