Sack Truck (360120)

Used to efficiently transport heavy objects & loads.

Solid Tyre Turntable Truck (360125)

With 1000kg loading capacity, this turntable truck is ideal for the moving of heavy objects.

Pneumatic Tyre Turntable Truck (360130)

With 800kg loading capacity, this truck is ideal for transporting large and awkward loads.

Platform Trolley (360140)

Ideal for moving loads around warehouses, shop floors etc.

Combination Sack Truck Trolley (360150)

One trolley for three purposes. As a sack trolley in the upright position or for larger loads when in the 45 degree pos...

Carpet / Pipe Trolley (360175)

Designed to take the strain out of carrying long heavy carpets and pipes.

Stair Climbing Sack Truck (360180)

With a 150 kg loading capacity, this stair climber sack barrow is ideal for the moving of heavy objects up stairs.