110V Tungsten Halogen Magnetic Floodlight (300005)

Fitted with heavy duty magnets to attach the light to any metal surface providing excellent illumination.

110V Minipod Floor Light (300010)

With a robust tubular one piece steel frame this is ideal as a portable site light.

110V Magnetic LED Worklight (300011)

With a 30W LED head, a great alternative to tungsten halogen heads giving off a clean white light.

12V Rechargeable Work Light (300025)

Virtually maintenance free and suitable for a multitude of terrains and applications.

7.4V Rechargeable LED Work Light (300033)

For use in industrial applications providing 3500 Lumens of output with a wide floodlight beam in excess of 30m.

110V Tungsten Halogen Single Head Floodlight - Fixed Leg Tripod (300050)

Ideal for construction, workshop and DIY task lighting, this is a portable work light with an adjustable tripod.

Folding LED Floodlight (300051)

A powerful 4800 Lumen Floodlight that folds into a compact unit for ease of storage & transportation.

110V LED Single Head Floodlight - Swing Leg Tripod (300052)

A low energy LED flood light that will spread an even amount of light across an area.

110V LED Twin Head Floodlight - Swing Leg Tripod (300053)

A double headed 30 Watt LED flood light bolted to a heavy duty steel tripod frame.

110V Tungsten Halogen Twin Head Floodlight - Fixed Leg Tripod (300055)

Two high intensity halogen flood lights with a fixed leg tripod that adjusts from 1.5m - 2.5m.