110V Four Headed Folding Tripod Lighting Mast (300100)

Extending to 5m, the tungsten halogen headed Lighting Mast is ideal for construction sites, yards and events.

Mini Tower Light & Diesel Generator Unit (300110)

Compact and easily usable by one person, this Tower Light/Generator pack can illuminate up to 1700m² of area.

Diesel LED Mini Lighting Tower (300112)

A 5.5m telescopic lighting tower with LED floodlights for up to 1600 square metres of lighting coverage.

Diesel Road Towable Lighting Tower (300115)

Compact with metal halide lamps, this Lighting Tower offers directional, clear & crisp light with a spread of 100m.

Diesel LED Lighting Tower (300116)

With a gurantee to illuminate 3800m² of area, this is a lighting tower that is rugged, long lasting and safe.