Hydraulic Pipe Bender (250075)

For bending 10mm to 50mm thick walled steel pipe.

Manual Pipe Bender (250085)

For bending copper, steel, and stainless tube for plumbing and conduit 15, 22 and 28mm.

Manual Conduit Pipe Bender (250086)

Bends 20mm and 25mm conduits.

Multilayer Tube Bender - Hydraulic (255105)

For fast kink free bending of multi layer tubes 16 mm up to 32mm outside diameter.

Pressfit Bender - 110V - 15-28mm (255110)

A thin wall copper, steel, stainless steel tube bender 15-28mm, thin walled copper tube up to 35mm and multi layer tube ...

110V Pressfit Bender (255115)

Thin wall copper, steel, and stainless steel tube bender 35 - 42mm.